Learning about Heat Pumps

Start with setting aside any myths you may have heard about heat pumps. Specifically, Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pumps, which are the most cost-effective long-term solution to heating your home, period.

Unfortunately, the heat pump industry took a bad rap because of some contractors. In order to maximize profits, contractors installed heat pumps that were too small and couldn't heat the home on the coldest days. In many cases the windows and doors leaked profusely, creating a situation that would have taxed any heating system, and virtually killed the heat pump. Early adopters of heat pumps were left with a bad taste in their mouth as a result.

Heat pumps are the least expensive way to heat your home, have the lowest impact on the environment and the least impact on the price of fossil fuels. Sized and installed properly, they are the smartest way to heat a home.

Geothermal Systems are heat pumps that transfer heat between the ground and your home as opposed to traditional heat pumps that transfer heat between the outside air and your home. Unlike outdoor air, the earth is a constant 55 degrees allowing for SEER ratings of 25 and COP ratings exceeding 5.0.