FTS Gift of Heat 2018

Some years back we ran a contest for “the oldest furnace” with the intention of helping out a homeowner who didn’t have the means to replace their old furnace, but desperately needed to. The contest was successful in that a homeowner did get a new heating system installed; however it fell short of our intentions, so we dropped the program.

We wanted to revive the idea but find a way to do it with more purpose and with no strings attached. We needed a way to help out our friends and neighbors who just can’t afford something as basic as a warm home.

With a little searching we found a company in Oklahoma (who borrowed the idea from a company in Arizona), who both had a very successful program already up and running!

This helped us to see clearly our original vision, but with the real purpose and intent we had in mind! We’ve all been in a tough spot at some point, and our family here at FTS feels the pain these folks are going through.

Like these companies who are finding ways to serve their communities, we want to be intentional about helping others!  So if you know of anyone who is in need of a gift that warms the heart as well as the home, nominate them for the Gift of Heat below!

Here’s to A successful Gift of Heat program!

The FTS Heating & Cooling Family!