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Free Advice from the Owner of FTS

​"What's in it for me?"
Hopefully you'll think of FTS when it comes time to replace your system or recommend us to a friend that's having problems. I’ll scratch your back and maybe someday you’ll scratch mine. That's all. Start by emailing me at Tell me your first name and address and describe the problem you’re having. I'll respond as soon as it's practical for me. Again, no expectations please— it's free. Below is a list of easy things that could go wrong with your system. Things your grandma could fix with no problem. I can help you fix more complicated problems but there are a couple of conditions:

My advice is free...
Which means there is no warranty, no expectations of me or FTS of any kind. If you want expectations and warranties, place a service call. We have outstanding capabilities, but we charge a fee for them.

I am busy...
But I will get back to you as soon as I can because I enjoy it. If it can't wait, then place a service call. FTS will be out right away and get it running quickly. You'll stay out the dog house, but we charge a fee for that.

I certainly can't fix everything...
Over email and I don't make house calls, so I will not be able to solve every problem. But we might be able to solve yours.

You may not possess...
The tools or instruments to accurately diagnose the problem. If so, we will be stuck at that point.

Sorry, but if your address...
Is not in our service area, I am going to pass on you. I can't help the whole world and would be a fool to try. You're good if you live in Marshfield, Lebanon, Camdenton, a
nd St. Robert - or close in one of the neighboring communities.

IMPORTANT: If you smell gas...
Or think you have a carbon monoxide problem, call the fire dept. immediately –911.

That being said...
I have no intentions of bait-and-switching you into a service call. I just realize that there are lots of folks like me that are pretty handy outside their field of expertise and could fix things with a little guidance. That's all this is.

Perhaps your motivation is that you had FTS or a competitor diagnosis of your system and you want a second opinion. I can help but don't tell me who the compan
y is so I can provide unbiased commentary.

Things Your Grandma Could Actually Fix...
Check the thermostat.

Make sure the thermostat is switched into the "Heat" mode for Heat and the "Cool" mode for cooling.

Check the battery in the thermostat.

If you have a display, your battery is probably good. Low batteries will flash "replace battery" and dead batteries will not have any display.

Check the switch on or plug in on the side of the heater.

It should be in the up position if a switch or fully plugged in if a cord. Check the breaker in the fuse box. Look carefully because some types of circuit breakers when tripped look like they are on the on position. Push on it a bit, if it's spongy, turn it off then back on.

Check your air filter and make sure it's clean.

Your furnace can run a couple of days without a filter, but don't forget to replace it ASAP or it will cost you a lot down the road.


Check the gauge on top of your oil tank.

If it's low call your oil provider and ask them to prime the pump after they fill your tank.

The Reset Button on Oil Burners is Dangerous! The box under the reset switch is looking for a flame and if one does not appear in 45 seconds the system shuts down. When you push the reset button, the motor starts and you might think it’s working; but all you are doing is potentially pumping oil into your heater. Pushed several times, when the heater does finally ignite, you have a roaring inferno inside your heater. Very dangerous!  Press the switch one time and call for service.

Gas / Propane

If you have plastic chimney pipes.

Go outside and make sure nothing has obstructed the outlet or inlet like snow, ice or leaves or perhaps an old wasp's nest.

If you have plastic chimney pipes.

There is a drain hose at the bottom of your furnace that needs to be cleaned as part of an annual maintenance.

If you have propane.

Check the level of the tank, if it is below 15%- especially during cold weather you are asking for trouble. Call your provider and get on schedule for delivery.

Reset the furnace.

Turn the power off to the furnace and wait 15 seconds then turn back on. If your furnace starts, it will probably fail again going forward and needs to be tune up and checked. Call for Service.

Heat Pump/AC

Check power to the outdoor unit.

In the breaker box, turn off the double breakers then turn them back on.

Check under the indoor unit for water.

If the indoor unit leaks there should be a safety device that turns it off. Drain the water and resolve the leak. It’s likely a clogged drain due to a lack of maintenance.

​Check if there is ice on the refrigeration pipes.

The pipes that connect the outdoor unit with the blower unit inside. If there is ice on the pipe with the black pipe cover, turn your AC to the off position at the thermostat for 6 hours and let the coil defrost. Afterwards make sure all your vents are open and change the air filter. Turn your system back on but do not set it below 70 degrees. If it ices up again, call for service.