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FAQ About Our Service

Do you provide coupons?

Sure do! Be sure to check our coupons for possible discounts!

Are there things I can try before I need to call for service?

Click here for a list of things you can check yourself.

How much will it cost?

HVAC Store-To-Your-Door-Fee
We charge a “HVAC Store-To-Your-Door” fee; otherwise known as our Truck Fee. The truck fee pays to get our rolling warehouse, our skilled technician, and all of his diagnostic tools to your home. We do charge a fee to tell you what is wrong with your system (after all that is the business we’re in) which is included in the repair price if you choose to proceed with the needed repair. We refer to an up-front price guide that lists the repair cost for every type of repair your system may need. Our technician will listen to your description of the problem and, if agreed will proceed to determine its cause. After we know what the problem is you will be quoted a price for the complete repair before any work is done. The average service charge is $150.00 to $350.00, including the Truck Fee.

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Our truck fee is always the same, regardless of time of day, including Saturdays; however, we are closed on Sundays.

Important: The price for repairs is in addition to the truck fee. The repair price is fixed, meaning there is no additional charge for after-hours work.

How soon can you get here?

Most of the time we can be there the same day, but during the change of seasons when either the first hot or cold spell sets in, the demand for service is really high. It pays to be a FTS Decade Plan (link) member as they go to the front of the line.

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Does FTS Have Service Agreements?

We do not; however, we do provide annual checkups: your choice, Standard or Precision.

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Why choose FixedToStay

  • Workmanship Guarantee. We are confident in our abilities and pass that confidence on with a one year workmanship guarantee on all repairs we make. 
  • Tune-up Guarantee. If you have us out to perform a heating or cooling system tune-up, we guarantee that your system will not break down for the rest of that season, and if it does, we will refund you the cost of the tune-up plus give you $100 towards any repair we need to make.
  • Knowledge. Casey, the owner of FTS is the second generation of HVAC professionals in his family with 35 years of hands on experience actually working in the trade daily. Conveying this knowledge to our technicians is done with weekly training so our techs have not only the resource of years of experience but are also continually educated. It's difficult to get up to speed technically and then stay there when you are. That's why Casey is the technical trainer for the entire company. Casey meets with everyone at least once a week to continue to learn new skills while honing the ones already established. (Plus, in his spare time teaches future technicians at Ozarks Technical Community College).
  • Competence. We want things done right, and it's not easy because of the scope of our industry. Oil heat, Natural Gas heat, Propane heat, hot air, hot water, electricity, sheet metal, controls, even landscaping — oh did I forget air source and geothermal air conditioning and heat pumps?
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